Baht language (pronounced as /bat/ not /bæt/) (in Baht Ule PiByat or Batr IPA:/batr/) is the official language of Batkis Kingdom. The literary language is based on Forest dialect which is the dialect of Forest Tribe which is the most populus tribe.

Language is written with various scripts during history: Syllabic Square Writing, Old Cursive, Holy Baht Script and Modern Baht Script. Currently, just Holy and Modern Baht scripts are used.

Dialects Edit

The language has mainly two dialects: Mainlander and Insular.

History Edit

In old times Bahts understood The Book Of Gods and The Book Of Plants differently and these interpretations created lots of sects. Similar sects united and formed Baht Tribes. Lately, historians pronounced those times as The First Seperation Era.

Rahad Dialect Edit

After The First Seperation Era Rahad Tribe migrated to The Islands. This religious and geographical differences accelerated the change of language. And The Script Revolution that Mainlanders started against them untethered Rahads and Mainlanders

Mainland dialect Edit

Before Rahad Migration, Union Tribe was exiled to Cold Coast because of their monoteistic ideology and they developed a new speech. After nearly one century, Air Tribe and Earth Tribe has arrived to this area and their dialects mixed into one: Mountainous dialect.

At these times in two sides of continent Forest and Water dialects were forming. Because Water Tribe was more isolated than Forest tribe, Forest dialect became more intertribal.

Phonology and Orthography Edit

Literary Writing and PronunciationEdit

From very old times to current days literary Baht language has changed but it was generally based on Forest dialect. First of all, Foresters had and has boundaries with every tribe. And this neighboring life style affected their dialect to become a bridge between others. Second, during Kazhuu Occupation lots of Forester soldiers migrated to north-east with their family to block Kazhuus' gateways and of course they brought their speech with themselves. Forest Migration made the dialect more intertribal. Beside these facts, Forest tribe ruled and rules Bahts for long periods (e.g. The Carpenters / RaTaepaká)




After The Script Revolution, Mainlanders use both modern and holy scripts but Rahads continued to use only holy script. By some Mainlander and most Rahad scholars, creating a new script is considered evil.

Examples Edit