Far Territories (in Bat Č'ëgu Cëjexer or Ч1ыгу Чыжэхэр) are the cities of dependent to Batquis Kingdom. They are exclaves of the kingdom.

History Edit

After Geographical Explorations, Bats have founded some trade colonies on new lands. Bats took over the control of trade. Southern Habò Kingdom (Blehbašta), The Federation Of Djena (Gozda-Djena) and Kìnò Kingdom (Púran Kìnò) protested Bat Trade Colonies and forced Bats to leave their regions. Other trade colonies were afraid of a domino effect and they got their way to the kingdom. The domino effect didn't happen and only some cities could survive.

Functions Edit

The cities still plays a major role on trading. They are considered as international lands. Because of this, trading products are not taxed. This decreases the prices.

The cities are not but are considered as parts of the kingdom. Bats and natives which lives in the cities selects delegates to The Parliament and involves to governance, pay taxes etc..